About Us


Donuts are great, but our donuts are CRAZY!! Our donuts are never frozen and made fresh to order for each customer.  Say goodbye to frozen, limited single donuts and say hello to our style of  fresh cake style mini donuts that allow you to have small portions but more flavours because really when it comes to donuts, how can you choose just one? We use a donut robot that can produce up to 1200 mini donuts an hour! yup that's a lot of donuts so don't be shy! We've got lots to go around!


Here at Crazy Dough we are always thinking of different ways we can get crazy with dough which is why introduced our edible cookie dough. It's a fun and safe way to make a childhood dream come true. 

We know one thing is for sure no matter what you eat it will definitely leave you thinking Now that's #crazydough

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